SAMMBA Fund – open for applications

SNHBS now has a fund to provide financial support for members’ breeding groups and some other activities.

The money came from the winding-up of Arnamurchan’s Amm project and the Sunart, Ardnamurchan, Moidart & Morvern Beekeepers Association.  Hence, we call it The SAMMBA Fund.

SAMMBA donated its money and equipment-proceeds to SNHBS (about £3600), requesting that SNHBS members be invited to apply for specific types of funding and the Fund be administered by three SNHBS trustees or former trustees.

The custodians will use their discretion in responding to applications, taking into account the merits of each application and the funds remaining.

SNHBS’ members may apply for funds for the following purposes:

  1. funding for the breeding of Scottish Amm stock up to maximum of £400
  2. paying relevant course fees for those involved in Amm breeding groups in Scotland up to maximum of £50 per course and once per annum
  3. funding for DNA analysis of normally previously unidentified breeding lines from SNHBS Conservation Project or members’ breeding groups
  4. funding of security cameras at Scottish Amm breeding sites up to a maximum of £200.

When assessing applications for purpose (1) above, priority will be given to Scottish breeding groups rather than individuals.

Members who are awarded funding are expected to agree to share Amm breeding material, obtained for purpose (1) above, in their locality and with other breeding groups where possible.

Consideration will be given to other relevant applications.

Application process

Members are invited to complete the application form ((in Word) or (as a PDF)) and submit it to The Application Custodian as instructed on the application form.

The three Custodians will each consider the application and share their conclusions. The decision will be by majority of the three custodians. The Application Custodian will write to the applicant notifying acceptance or explaining refusal.

Within twelve months of an award being granted the lead applicant must submit appropriate evidence of expenditure (copies of invoices or receipts). In addition, a brief report should be submitted detailing the progress of the project. Photographs, with appropriate permissions, are welcomed with this submission so projects can be shared with other members.