Future events

The first of our winter meetings for 2020:

Wednesday, 21 October at 7pm: Jon Getty on Queen Introduction.

Jon is a highly experienced third generation beekeeper and breeder of Irish native honey bee queens. In his spare time he Chairs the Belfast Beekeepers Association. The evening will cover aspects such as how to tell your colony is queenless before introduction, setting up a colony to receive a new queen, handling and caging queens, queens and mini-nucs and a session on why things may go wrong.

This is a members-only meeting so please check your emails for the link. Anyone wanting to join can do so online on our website and paying now will take your membership to the end of 2021. Future speakers in the monthly series of alternating talks and workshops include Keith Pierce of Dublin and Andrew Abrahams of Colonsay.

Membership page: http://www.snhbs.scot/membership/