SNHBS 2018 Conservation Project

Scotland-wide Survey.

Phase 1

Thank you for your interest in the first phase of this project which takes the form of a Survey where we hope to encourage as many beekeepers as possible to participate.

  • Do we still have a significant population of Apis mellifera mellifera?
  • How widespread are they throughout Scotland ?
  • How true to type are they ?

We are seeking submissions from beekeepers throughout Scotland who feel they might have colonies of dark native bees which could be worth checking for native characteristics.

For obvious logistical reasons this survey must be reliant, initially, on visual interpretation of photographs of the bees from each colony submitted.

It is important to keep in mind that a colony of pure Amm will consist of mostly dark bees. So, any stocks you are considering putting forward should have no significant incidence of yellow banded abdominal segments although it is possible that a small proportion of workers may have drifted from other colonies.

How to participate in the survey

  1. Take a look at the accompanying map.  Decide which region the apiary where your candidate stock(s) is/are located.
  2. Contact the Local Curator (LC) for that Region by sending them an email simply stating your desire to participate.  Please also state in your mail the regional number you are applying to.
  3. The LC will send you back an entry pack (a series of files) giving you full instructions detailing what you are required to do to have your stock(s) accepted.
  4. Any queries should be addressed in the first instance to your LC.
  5. The last day applications will be accepted in this call is 31 May.

After the initial survey we will report back on our findings to the volunteers contributing images through your LC.

Special Note: Please do not submit data for colonies which are known to be headed by, or strongly influenced by, Amm queens coming either directly from Colonsay or from sources outside Scotland.

Regional Names, Numbers and Local Curators

Region 1: The Borders – Amanda Clydesdale –

Region 2: South West Scotland – Jade Boussinesq –

Region 3: East Central Scotland – Jim Lindsay –

Region 4: West Central Scotland – Jade Boussinesq –

Region 5: North East & the Northern Islands – Jim Doig –

Region 6: North West & the Hebrides – Dawn Rigby –

[Download PDF]