Honey bee ID – resources


 Brunel Microscopes

Watkins & Doncaster

Programmes for morphometry:

DrawWing: (Used by Jim)

CBeeWing: (Swedish programme used by Jeff and John)

Beemorph (Hockerley Plus)



The Dark European Honey Bee; Apis mellifera mellifera Linnaeus 1758; Friedrich Ruttner, Eric Milner, John E Dews ISBN

Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee; Friedrich Ruttner (translated by Ashleigh and Eric Milner)
ISBN 0-905369-07-6

Breeding Better Bees using simple modern methods; John E Dews and Eric Milner

The Honeybees of the British Isles; Beowulf A Cooper


 SNHBS Score sheet to evaluate diagnostic traits in bee samples – [Download Excel Sheet]

Additional information

from the SBA-BIBBA workshop held at Portmoak Hall in November 2010