Past Events

Winter 21-22 Online meetings

  1. Talk: Global Pandemics, Bee Imports and Native Bees – Norman Carreck, Carreck Consultancy

SNHBS Annual Meeting, 27 March 2021

With talks by:
David Wragg:  How genetics can help beekeepers 
Mark Barnett:   Review of honey bee research and activity at Roslin 
Matthew Richardson:  Setting up the Community Interest Company 

Winter 20-21 Online Meetings

  1. Jon Getty on Queen Introduction – 21 October 2020
  2. Talk: ‘Breeding our native bee’ with Keith Pierce – 11 November 2020
  3. Workshop: ‘Identification of Native Bees’ lead by Gavin Ramsay and John Durkacz – 16 December 2020
  4. Talk: ‘Nuclei’ with Andrew Abrahams from Colonsay – 20 January 2021
  5. Talk: ‘How to select good bees’ with Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda – 17 February 2021

SNHBS Annual Meeting, March 2020
Speaker: Jo Widdicombe and David Evans

SNHBS at the Royal Highland Show, June 2019
with Sandy Scott and Ellie Harrison

SNHBS Annual Meeting, March 2019
Speakers: Dylan Elan and Andrew Abrahams

Ewan and Dylan

Identify those native bees – Winter workshop, Saturday 17 November 2018, Newbattle Bee Academy

SNHBS Annual Meeting – March 2018 
Speakers: Dr Per Kryger, Jon Getty, and Ian Lennox (on SNHBS Conservation Project)

Identify those native bees – Winter workshop, 18 November 2017

Summer 2017 Queen Rearing Workshop

SNHBS Launch Event – 1 April 2017