2020 Newsletters

SNHBS Newsletter, October 2020 – Update, October 2020

  • Meet the Trustees – David Morland

SNHBS Newsletter, October 2020

SNHBS Newsletter, September 2020

  • Spring 2020 Survey
  • Meet the New Trustees: Sarah Leahy
  • Notice about Andrew’s article
  • The Moorfoot Group – Jim Lindsay
  • Queen rearing: Five stages to manage – Kate Atchley

SNHBS Newsletter, May 2020

  • SNHBS Annual Meeting – March 2020 by Justine Sinney
  • Jo Widdicombe ‘Bee Improvement – what works for me’ and ‘Taking it further’ by John Durkacz
  • Queen Introduction – abstracts from articles written by Bernard Mӧbus and compiled by John Durkacz
  • Chocolate Mining Bees by Gavin Ramsay and Justine Swinney

SNHBS Newsletter, March 2020

  • Sourcing native Scottish honey bees by Kate Atchley
  • Conservation Project Update by Gavin Ramsay
  • Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding Groups by John Durkacz
  • Instrumental Insemination by Margaret Packer
  • The Hidden Genetic Variation in Single Queens by Gavin Ramsay